FS22 Server NLRP-Gaming-NoobFriendly-PC

Farming Simulator 22
United States

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Server Details
We strive to be the best we can be to make this environment feel like a second family of yours. Here is a little about us and our goals. Northern Lights RP is a community of gamers from all walks of life. Our goal is to provide an easy way for gamers to interact with those of similar interests and to make online gaming as a whole a more enjoyable experience. We strive to promote a balance between a casual and RP [Role-Playing] environment, while also maintaining a safe place for all who join. We never forget that our member’s personal lives come first. Our founders came from a community with hundreds of members. Here at NLRP we want to maintain a healthy number of active members. We want everyone to be able to recognize the voice on the other end of the mic and create positive relationships among ourselves. We all play a variety of games, but focus on the latest Farming Simulator 22, which we have 4 servers for currently. The rules here are simple, be kind and courteous of others and HAVE FUN. Failure to do so will result in removal. Want to learn more? DM a supervisor or owner for more information. We have several members that are dedicated to showing new recruits the ropes and getting them integrated into our community.


Server Gameplay: Farming Realistic Roleplay
FarmSimGame Discord Server Bot Command: +server 840 or +server Northern1
Server Location: Chicago , Illinois , United States
Data From Dedi Server
Game: Farming Simulator 22 -
Name: !NLRP-Gaming-NoobFriendly-PC
Map: Hobo's Hollow 4x
Map size: 4096
Players Online
Dave 2h42m
Scott77 0h29m
FullSendz 0h1m
C10wni 0h0m
Players Active Past Week
Dave 3h49m5h23m0 h13h49m12h51m
Mar 0 h0 h0 h0 h0 h
HELPER 16h11m9h58m9h12m5h13m3h1m
brsph 2h6m6h32m4h15m0h24m0h18m
Scott77 8h55m0 h0 h4h24m4h25m
Spooky 0 h0 h0 h0h9m0 h
Nettie 1h0m0h6m0 h0 h0 h
idk 0h30m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Drew 0h36m0 h1h22m0 h0 h
Hugo Alçada 0h37m0 h0 h0 h0 h
User 1h12m0 h0 h0 h0 h
drone 4h40m9h18m4h12m8h55m0 h
Desrocs 0 h1h12m0h22m0 h0h30m
Metho 0 h4h14m5h46m0h39m3h49m
Dan 0 h0h49m0 h0 h0 h
scott 0 h0 h8h9m4h14m0 h
Riven Nootan 0 h0 h7h44m0 h0 h
Claudiu 0 h0 h6h26m0 h0 h
worker.20 0 h0 h1h12m0h18m0 h
hunte 0 h0 h0h30m0 h0 h
C10wni 0 h0 h0 h3h12m0h28m
Yogesh 0 h0 h0 h0h24m0 h


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