FS22 Server Wojna-O-Miedzę

Game: Farming Simulator 22
Server Location: Poland
Map: Landersum


Status: Online

Players 3 of 16

Last Update From Server: 11 seconds ago

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Votes 0
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Server Details
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Game Version1.13.1.0
Server Game NameWojna-O-Miedzę
Server LocationWarsaw , Warsaw , Poland
Server Gameplay Farming Realistic Roleplay
Map Size4x
Dedi StatsFSG Bot Command: +server 1987 or +server WOM
Dedi Players OnlineFSG Bot Command: +online 1987 or +online WOM
Players Online
Legion464 3h11m
czare 1h35m
Zapalarka 0h55m
Players Active Past Week
Zupix 1h16m3h36m2h48m2h20m0 h
Lisek 0h44m1h58m0 h0 h0 h
Swierczak 2h53m6h0m7h19m5h55m3h47m
Olej 3h50m2h46m2h28m1h50m0 h
Baca 7h1m4h19m4h21m4h37m0 h
Zapalarka 0 h0 h2h53m0h25m0h56m
Szelton 10h3m5h14m6h11m1h13m0 h
Legion464 0h7m4h1m4h9m2h21m3h12m
Mazuuuur 1h48m3h14m0h31m10h36m6h37m
-klipex- 3h30m6h53m7h49m3h21m0h11m
Chamera 0 h0 h0 h0 h0 h
B@rtek 1h27m5h24m1h38m4h13m0 h
czare 0h29m2h21m4h23m4h53m1h36m
Pain 2h40m1h47m0 h0 h0 h
Yashid 2h10m5h42m4h23m9h37m0h56m
Kondzi 0h10m0h40m0 h0 h0 h
TissuE 0 h2h33m0 h2h28m0 h
WypranyPL 0 h0 h0h18m0h57m0 h
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