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Server NameScroftopia Survival PC
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server PasswordTheFarmHand
Server LocationLondon, England, England
TagsFarming, Logging, Realistic, PC, Mods
Map Size8x
Mods Linkhttp://
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Server Description

The scene for the server imagine you where flying across this land when the helicopter where in crashed and you came across this wooden hut with a pick-up outside with a pix-axe in the back, you can tell it is abandoned and when you go inside you see the deeds to the land it owns. with this land you can do and build what you like on it, but all other land is protected and all other land purchases must be applied for to the Government, the shop doesn't know dealer doesn't know you that well as you are a stranger so leasing is out the question.

Can you work with other local residents borrowing different equipment from each other to get the job done?! Oh and of course there is that massive loan you took out and have none of it left! Do you have what it take?!

Interest Rate Fix at 10%
No Leasing from shop

Players Activity Past Week

Bendacat 0 h0 h0h56m0h5m7h8m
CrankyAnt 7h54m21h48m22h17m0 h0 h
Ike 0 h0 h0 h1h1m0 h
Irvine Currie 1h7m0h49m0 h0 h0 h
ItsTheHowie 0 h0 h0 h0 h4h51m
Kodax 0h53m2h17m1h27m2h33m1h43m
Leeroy 9h28m7h36m4h41m1h48m11h20m
llips 14h26m15h0m16h31m6h4m19h20m
PaleriderGBR 19h30m6h57m11h6m6h45m7h11m
Ragnarok 16h45m16h7m16h11m12h10m0h32m
Scotty 3h30m3h15m11h7m16h6m15h42m
smaki 12h40m14h31m15h52m9h24m1h57m
Swampfox 11h36m16h48m13h55m12h32m0 h

Active Mods

Platinum ExpansionGIANTS Software1.3.0.0
Premium ExpansionGIANTS Software1.1.0.0
DDC22 1970 Ford F250The Expendables, Diesel Division Customs1.0.0.1
Production RevampBraeven1.4.3.0
JCB Agri LoadallRossN Mods1.0.0.1
Honey Bee AirFLEX SeriesCustom Modding1.1.0.0
Animal Food CalculatorBigFood23071.0.0.1
Pallet Autoload SpecializationAchimobil1.12.0.0
AutoDriveAutoDrive Team2.0.1.6
Bale Bunker Storage PackCartech1.0.0.2
Bale StoragesRazak1.1.0.0
Belair Drakkar 16SBFSimon1.0.0.0
BigBags Cattle PackFSG Modding1.0.0.1
Broughan 20F Trailer4D Modding1.0.0.0
Road Woodcrusher Cobra 65 DRIBlackColor/JM/M3D1.0.0.0
Brush CutterAdub Modding Mantrid ABP Team1.4.0.0
Bunker Silo UtilitiesChissel1.0.0.2
Bunker In A Wooden ShedAgriKevolution1.0.0.0
Conservation AgricultureFarmsim Tim (timmeey86)
Cow Husbandry PackLancyboi1.1.0.0
CSZ PackDD ModPassion2.0.0.0
Customizable Digital Signsolaf.tnt1.0.0.0
Dashboard LiveGlowins Modschmiede1.3.0.0
1974 DAVID BROWN 1210-1410SebCroteau1.0.0.0
Fortschritt E 281-C PackAaa modding1.0.0.0
Easy Development ControlsGtX1.2.0.2
English Shed PackLancyboi1.1.0.0
Enhanced Animal SystemChissel2.2.1.2
Enhanced Loan SystemChissel1.1.1.0
Expandable PasturesChissel1.0.0.0
Extended Game InfodisplayPeppie841.2.0.0
Extended Straw CropsJos1.0.0.2
Extended Input HUDHoFFi1.0.0.1
JCB Fastrac PackBandit36FR1.1.0.0
Firewood ProductionAgrogaatti1.0.0.0
Ford 4000Jiggin4walleye1.0.0.0
Real Mowerkenny456, MathiasHun1.0.0.1
Herron H1 18ftModel by TC Modding fixs by Scootz_1989 Mental Modding Team1.0.0.0
HomeMade Forest TrailerValek1.0.0.0
Horsch Pronto DCMatt261.0.0.0
Husqvarna S2800Kasztan181.0.0.0
JCB 520-4Rolnik410 Karas Proxim, MarkThor1.0.0.0
JCB Telehandler AttachmentsRossN Mods1.2.0.0
John Deere 16A ChopperNI Modding/Oscar,JohnBlardmoddingconvert, JMF, ALeX_M831.0.0.1
John Deere 2410J.AModding1.2.2.0
John Deere 712 Mulch TillerRooster Mods1.0.0.0
John Deere 7700 Laux FamilyTired Iron Modding1.0.0.0
Lime productionFM-Manu / Team FM-Modding1.0.0.0
Kubota Equipment PackIconik1.0.0.1
Lawn And Firewood CustomersHilly Farms1.0.0.0
Lizard MegaRoll 2430 Multi-RollerMackTrucker9211.0.0.1
Lizard MowerKxuyLS1.0.0.0
Log Cabin (Farmhouse)GtX1.0.0.0
MaizePlusThe-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher1.2.0.0
MaizePlus Animal Food AdditionsThe-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher1.0.3.0
Manual AttachWopster2.3.0.0
Massey Ferguson 8700SCharlie1.0.0.0
McHale Windrower3D/textures: 3dmolier Ingame/scripts/textures: Thomas790.9.0.0
Massey Ferguson 5650Holzs FS / Wagner Giacomozzi1.0.0.0
Increase the number of FarmsVertex Dezign1.0.0.0
New Holland Forage BoxAppalaches Modding and Brad Suhr(FS19), Skywalker Farms, JMF Modding(FS22 conversion)
No More Leasing From ShopWillow1.0.0.0
Novacat Triple Mower SetMark Thor1.0.0.0
Aguas Tenias Platform Trailer PackHispano1.0.0.0
Old Lizard Trailer PackZagorje modding1.0.0.0
Pallet And Bale Warehousejohnwayne19301.0.1.0
Park VehicleVertexDezign1.1.1.0
Precision Sprayer PackNico Du 551.0.0.0
Precision Farming DLCGIANTS Software1.0.2.1
QuickBale EditMark Thor1.0.0.4
Real GPS ModLSFM - Bone2510, RepiGaming1.0.0.1
Residential ContainernrxEcki1.0.0.0
Rounder Wrapped Round BalesOlaHaldor1.0.0.2
Rustic Cabin By DonPaulElk Mtn. Modding, Don Paul1.0.1.0
ELHO Scorpio 710 Stone PickerBlacksheep Modding1.0.0.0
Selfmade Forest TrailerMichalLS1.0.0.0
Silo And ContainersBERNIESCS1.0.0.0
Silo Fill InformationFSG Modding1.0.0.0
Simple InspectorJTSage1.0.2.4
SIP Pionir 20BGamer0031.0.0.0
Wood Storage19BlueDragon831.0.0.0
Pallet And Bale StorageMISSYB1.0.0.0
ToolboxSchultz Modding1.0.0.0
Transfer OwnershipGtX1.0.0.1
Forestry HelperFarmsim Tim (timmeey86)
Time Saving Stock Checktwproductions1.0.0.6
English Style Vehicle Barn SetLancyboi1.0.0.0
Vehicle Control Addonmogli1.2.0.0
Vehicle Salesystem CustomizerRedFoxModding1.0.0.0
Volvo Wood AutoloadAndyS1.0.0.0
Wood BarrelSilent Modding, BERNIESCS1.0.0.0
Work Shop PackLancyboi1.0.0.0
Workshop Trigger[LSMT]19BlueDragon831.0.0.0
Ford 8N V8 FlatheadOKUSEDMODS Edit only of Stephane moddinge1.0.0.1

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- 10 days ago
Awesome! Great map with friendly and welcoming members.
- 11 days ago
Very big map with lots of potential that, if your willing to grind, is a very enjoyable play!
- 13 days ago
Great map selection, great for the grind and a very goal oriented approach to farming. Huge farm area assignments and a great challenge to get into!
- 13 days ago
Gotta see this!

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