Agrokrach FS22

FS22 Server Agrokrach FS22

Game: Farming Simulator 22
Server Location: Czech Republic
Map: Landersum

Agrokrach Server na Farming 22

Status: Online

Players 0 of 10

Last Update From Server: 29 seconds ago

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Server Details
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Game Version1.12.0.0
Server Game NameAgrokrach FS22
Server LocationCzech Republic
Server Gameplay Farming Silage Realistic Roleplay
Map Size4x
Dedi StatsFSG Bot Command: +server 528 or +server agrkrach
Dedi Players OnlineFSG Bot Command: +online 528 or +online agrkrach
Agrokrach Server na Farming 22
Players Online
Players Active Past Week
Randap80 6h15m3h4m2h0m3h11m6h36m
Guru 5h1m0 h1h47m2h51m4h46m
Kowalski 1h0m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Kruža [AgroKrach] 4h47m3h10m2h28m7h18m10h2m
NetreX_ 1h39m0 h0 h0 h2h11m
Tučfták 3h8m3h18m1h44m2h23m1h44m
vitek 2h14m0 h0h39m4h28m6h23m
Marwitch[AgroKrach] 1h2m0 h0h12m0 h2h15m
LacyCZ 3h47m1h53m0h55m0 h0h36m
ladas 4h17m0 h0 h1h36m1h31m
nicker 2h22m1h23m1h10m1h24m3h12m
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