Getting Started

Welcome to Farm Sim Game! Thank you for checking us out and all the neat features we have to offer.

There are a ton of features within Farm Sim Game website and bot, and these docs outline most of what is offered.

Thanks to the support from our community we are able to add features, grow, and keep the wheels turning. Special thank you goes out to everyone who makes Farm Sim Game possible.

First Things First

If you have not already, take a moment and invite the Farm Sim Game Discord bot to your discord server.

Click Here to Invite Farm Sim Game Discord Bot

Once you have the bot in your server you can run the /setup command to configure some of the basics in your discord server. We suggest running the update channels and roles option to ensure all of your channels and roles are displayed on the website. You can then go to the website and start setting up the advanced discord bot features by clicking on Manage My Discord Server.

Add Your Farming Simulator Dedicated Server

Add Your Farming Simulator Dedicated Server for the Farm Sim Game Discord bot to track and enable the ability for server updates such as player join and player leaves. We have a easy to follow step process for adding new Farming Simulator Dedicated Server profiles. Create New Server Profile

More to come!

We are still in the early stages of our overhaul for the website and bot, so there may be many things left out. We are working as quickly as possible to get everything added and updated.