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These are discord servers that are Farming Simulator related.
Name Lang Members
BACHURUFERMA.LT | FS 22 MP serverių projekto bend lt 684
╰┈ Bachūrų Ferma - nuo 2020 m. kovo 6 dienos veikiantis lietuviškas Farming Simulator multiplayer serverių projektas.
NDF Lands en-US 133
Farm Sim Game en-US 7369
╰┈ Farm Sim Game is the leading Farming Simulator community. We offer FS22 Mods & Multiplayer Farms for PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX
☠FARM@GEDDON☠ en-US 1090
╰┈ chilled and relaxed server
╰┈ Serwer na którym masz pełne prawo wyrazić swoją opinie, dodać swoje mody, a nawet wpływać na regulamin, bardzo duży nacisk na dopracowanie rozgrywki. Administracja otwarta na kontakt z graczem i duże zaangażowanie na poprawy wszelkich zgłoszonych błędów.
╰┈ A great dedicated server group that allows you to have an opinion and fun aswell. currently we are running multiple servers VIA fragnet and GPORTAL
Farming For All en-US 314
╰┈ welcome to (Farming For All) please come in and check us out . as we have 4 server's that run 24/7 and more to come soon.. https://discord.gg/fTDbTZz9Zc .. PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX
The Nerd's Playground en-US 150
╰┈ Console Friendly Public Servers. Great place to just hang out and farm. Come check us out.
ChillAndFarm en-US 406
Rose Farm Chipping Norton en-US 18
Zouks's en-US 4
CFI en-US 1372
AugustAcres18+ en-US 112
╰┈ Welcome to "AugustAcres18+" – A server for adults in FS22! Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for farming, laughter, and fellowship.
🇰 🇮 🇷 🇮 🇸  18 en-US 22
Dazed and Confused Farming en-US 16
╰┈ Fun, friendly 18+ with a dedicated FS22 server
Andrew Farms en-US 44
╰┈ A fun and welcoming server for anyone to join:grin:
Robert Sythe en-US 117
╰┈ This is an invite to the Robert Sythe YouTube Discord Server!
Virtual Farming for Miracles en-US 19
╰┈ A charitable Farming simulator 22 team. Our group is focused on Live Streaming for Extra Life charity networks and the Miracle Children's Hospital foundation. * We are looking for Team members that livestream and want to join the cause.
SQUAD pl 74
╰┈ Player server, for players... We only bring together the Polish community or people who speak this language. We have always played at a high level, without unnecessary ado. We invite you, check yourself...
SpeedAgro.pl pl 144
Heehaws Style Farming Revised en-US 698
╰┈ We have fs 19 and 22 Servers. We are a medium sized, beginner friendly server with a great community. Of course, also advanced players are welcome. For them we have modded servers with more flexibility. Why not come take a look? =)
Die Alten Farmer LS22 en-US 37
╰┈ GER / Server -- kleine Technik
Baker and Bryan Farms en-US 21
╰┈ Baker and Bryan Farms - Realism
! ! Pro Rolnik|Discord|15+ en-US 916

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