Heehaws Style Farming Revised
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We have fs 19 and 22 Servers. We are a medium sized, beginner friendly server with a great community. Of course, also advanced players are welcome. For them we have modded servers with more flexibility. Why not come take a look? =)

Game Servers

These are all game servers for this discord.
Rank Title Location Players Status
12 FS22 Server Heehaw Grain UK 5/16 Online
25 FS22 Server Heehaw SIlage USA 2/16 Online
28 FS19 Server Heehaws Style Farming Silage usa 0/16 Online
29 FS22 Server Heehaw Animals UK 0/16 Online
24 FS19 Server Heehaws Style Farming Grain usa 0/8 Online
153 FS22 Server Heehaw Cotton Nederlads 0/0 Offline

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- 1 month ago
Will ban you for no reason, do not recommend.