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Server Name! ! ! ! ! !CFI SILAGE
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server Locationlondonuk
TagsFarming, Roleplay, Silage, Easy Mode, Community Farm, Crossplay, PC, Console
Map Size2x

Server Description

join and have fun we are a chilled happy server 

Players Activity Past Week

Ab6904 0 h0 h0 h1h24m0 h
ag214155 0 h0 h1h0m0 h0 h
amberis-mansard4 0 h0 h0h6m6h44m11h27m
amesarrow 0 h0 h0 h0h27m0 h
amk2400 0 h0 h0 h0 h1h6m
andre 0 h0 h0 h0h38m0 h
AshRea1999 0 h6h0m0 h4h56m0 h
Austin 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h24m
autistickid39 0 h0 h0h52m0 h0 h
badghostkiller 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h47m
badworm96 0 h0h46m0 h0 h0 h
Bailey_hulk 2h3m0 h0 h0 h0 h
bassboys56 0 h1h21m0 h0 h0 h
beano669 3h49m5h23m3h12m0 h0 h
Bhavy 1h6m0 h0 h0 h0 h
big chungus72 0 h0 h3h21m0 h0 h
Big duff3516 0 h0 h0h26m0 h0 h
BigBMW225 0 h0 h0 h1h52m2h14m
BIGDAN 0 h0 h1h12m0 h0 h
Biker131 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h41m
Bill_1990 0 h0 h0h6m0h44m0 h
Blake 0 h0 h0 h0h33m0 h
BlakeSeven55 0h37m0 h0 h0 h0 h
bobby 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h39m
bomb_Squad332 0 h0 h0 h0h29m0 h
bruv 0 h0h44m4h4m0h26m0 h
bubbl3 blow3r 0 h9h7m5h56m5h14m0h9m
Buiilder20 0 h0 h1h41m1h49m1h22m
BuschLatte3825 0 h0 h0 h0h23m0 h
Bxp3x 0 h0 h0 h0h26m0 h
C.Mckenzie 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h39m
Cam 0 h0 h0h34m0 h0 h
CFI-big-t 2h35m3h6m5h6m5h0m0h30m
CFIDriveThru 3h55m7h2m3h51m1h5m1h43m
CHADDY1189 0 h5h14m0 h0 h0 h
ChadTheDad6972 0 h0 h1h27m0 h0 h
ChiClout 0 h0 h0 h0h32m0 h
Chiefwizzard1 0 h0 h0 h0h24m0 h
Chunkyonz 0 h0 h0 h3h52m0 h
Cj16182 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h25m
Cmour Jyna 0 h0 h0h58m0 h0 h
CrazySpider7986 0 h0 h0h28m0 h0 h
Crobb456 1h5m0 h0 h0h25m0 h
CURRY INDIAN904 0 h0 h0 h0h27m0 h
Daf9995210 0 h0 h1h22m0h37m0 h
DEATH PUNCH7294 0 h0h34m0 h0 h0 h
Deere Fam 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h39m
Denzel Washingmachine 1h14m0 h0 h0 h0 h
DexterKenton10 0 h0h28m0 h0 h0 h
DIRTROAD 694614 0 h0 h0 h0 h1h1m
disom 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h58m
Domdum57 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h36m
doublenegitive 0 h2h30m0h12m1h13m0 h
DraftiestCheese 0 h4h47m1h21m0 h0 h
eastman_lads_Yt 4h20m0 h4h4m0 h0 h
elfin_clinker2 0h30m0 h0h35m0 h0 h
Farmer 4158 0h38m0 h0 h0 h0 h
farmerboycey2014 0 h0 h0h42m0 h0 h
Fat buffalo 869 0 h1h15m0 h1h38m0 h
FaZe crylic 0h43m0 h0 h1h5m0h45m
FaZeDill9689 0 h0 h1h33m0 h0 h
fearless_trucker 0 h0 h0 h1h7m0 h
Fireman_mason707 0 h1h37m0 h0 h0 h
fomle85 0 h0 h0 h0h38m0 h
frede 0 h6h4m0 h0 h0 h
George 0 h1h19m0 h1h6m0 h
Geousch 3h23m0 h0 h0 h7h34m
Gonçalo 0 h0 h0h22m0h19m0 h
GPMan8081 0h57m0 h1h8m1h22m0 h
greasybag420 4h23m11h10m5h51m0 h0 h
Greedylord43 0 h0h44m0 h0 h0 h
Happy66554 0 h3h42m3h29m0 h0 h
HAWK 0 h0 h0 h0h23m0 h
Hedgeman1050 0 h0 h0 h0h45m0 h
Heres Harry 2h12m9h7m8h1m14h39m0h9m
highwayman1984 0 h0h23m0 h0 h0 h
HILLBILLYPSYCOZ 0 h0 h0 h0 h4h39m
hook00crazy 0h54m5h2m0h6m4h21m0 h
IcedHyper 13 0 h0 h0 h0 h1h19m
Illusion_lofi 1h11m0 h0 h0 h0h40m
Imasnakeeee 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h22m
IsaacMidi 0h25m0 h0 h0 h0 h
ITZ LLOYDY3485 0h57m3h19m2h17m4h34m0h36m
Jake 0 h0 h0 h0h53m0 h
james 0 h0 h0 h0h28m0 h
Jan Martin 1h23m0 h0h33m0 h1h28m
Jasper 0 h0 h0 h0h16m0 h
Jesus Vll 0h47m0 h2h10m1h21m0 h
JKCLEGEND 0 h0 h0h30m0 h0 h
jmurray25 1h23m0 h0 h0 h0 h
JonseyGN1 9h42m1h37m4h40m7h53m3h25m
jose_cuevo1 0 h0 h0 h0h40m0 h
Joseph_hansley 11h18m3h55m4h9m3h31m0 h
jye 3h50m0 h0 h3h41m0 h
Kaminho92_PL 0 h0 h1h43m0 h0 h
KATES PC 0 h0h33m0 h0 h0 h
Kayvis_peanut12 0 h0h24m0 h0 h0 h
Kazyx7320 0 h0h36m0 h0 h0 h
kempkerm 0 h0h49m0 h0 h0 h
Kevin 0 h0 h0 h0h43m0 h
KFCTHECHICKEN 0 h0 h0 h1h8m0 h
KissMyBass03 1h30m1h34m0 h0 h0 h
Lapzwanser 0 h1h10m0 h0 h0 h
learntowalkagain 0 h0 h3h31m0 h0 h
loading sk$&lz 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h30m
lucas 0 h0 h0 h0 h10h10m
Lugnut9258 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h34m
M.C contracter/ agriculture 0h8m0 h3h29m0 h0 h
ManticHarbor584 0 h1h18m4h1m2h19m0 h
MARKDIEPIEYE 0 h0 h0 h0 h6h33m
Mateus 0 h0 h0 h0h38m0 h
matt327420 0 h0 h0 h0h34m0 h
Mattywright95 0 h0h46m0 h0 h0 h
micke 0 h0 h0 h4h4m0 h
MickoLad16v 0 h0 h1h11m0 h0 h
million-draw91 0 h1h20m0 h0 h1h6m
Mo Robinson 0 h0 h0 h0h49m0 h
MrManUtd82 0 h3h54m0 h0 h0 h
mudboy 0 h1h30m1h29m1h41m0 h
mudboygtr34 0 h0 h1h2m1h26m2h26m
mudduck 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h33m
nad069 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h57m
nebulous_north2 0 h0 h0 h0h26m0 h
Nedo 0 h0 h1h23m0 h0 h
nighthawks friend sisco 0h54m0h57m0 h0 h0 h
NightRaider4157 0h23m0 h0 h0 h0 h
oge' 0 h4h20m0h44m0h51m0h6m
ohmon 0h34m0h41m0 h0 h0 h
open-sake0 0 h0 h0 h6h22m0 h
Owenf216663 0 h0h25m0 h0 h0 h
Panda17748 0 h0h36m0 h0 h0 h
PARLEY177115 0 h6h42m7h9m6h23m0 h
patri 0 h0 h0 h4h3m0 h
Petar 0 h0 h1h44m0 h0 h
phantom_toastel 0 h0 h0 h0h28m0 h
phili 0 h0 h0 h1h3m0 h
pilot-niksa 0h35m0 h0 h0h26m0 h
PranavSeecharan 0 h0 h0h9m0h54m0h6m
QueenA189069 0 h1h5m0 h0 h0 h
R4P0S1NHO 0 h0 h0 h0h28m0 h
r7-godzilla34 0h40m4h36m0 h0 h0 h
rasmuseriksson 0 h0 h0 h0h6m0h33m
red_loads9 0h42m0h38m0h49m0 h0 h
Redbuller2003 0 h0 h0 h3h42m1h20m
redfish0 0 h0 h0 h1h34m3h36m
RKO400_ 1h33m0 h5h18m0 h0 h
RSA_PAP 0 h0 h0 h0 h4h20m
sabulariverrat 0 h0 h0h41m0 h0 h
scania_boy08 0 h0 h0 h1h28m0h36m
Shad0w2478 0h23m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Shiva666 0 h0h8m0 h0h28m0 h
SkillfulPath407 1h15m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Smokeyjoepot 4h2m8h1m9h23m10h2m4h38m
smoky-souvenir70 0h48m1h43m6h43m7h54m10h30m
Sockie9144 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h16m
Sod9849 0 h0 h0 h1h46m0 h
Spaghetti_Hammer 0 h0 h0 h0 h1h1m
Sparkplugs82 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h30m
squishy9128 0 h0h31m0 h0 h0 h
Striker56051 0 h1h18m0 h0 h0 h
sully2662 0 h0 h0h31m0 h0 h
Tazth 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h27m
tboyfizzs2 0 h0h58m0 h0 h0 h
the_griff94 0 h0 h0 h0h21m0h26m
Thebiggibby1 0h38m0h24m0 h0 h0 h
THEGREGSMT 0h42m0h36m1h16m0 h0 h
titanthomas1981 0 h0 h0 h1h13m4h38m
Toby4763 0 h2h12m0 h0 h0 h
tomlxmb10 0 h0 h0h25m0 h0 h
TPBconky420 0 h0 h0 h0h53m2h53m
train209broken 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h58m
trevor 0h26m0 h0 h0 h0 h
TRUSSY8529 0h40m0 h0 h1h23m0 h
Ttv god5387 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h38m
TTXLIAM 0 h1h45m4h39m12h10m0h22m
U Agreee 0 h0 h0 h0 h1h16m
User 0h46m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Vague 0 h0 h0 h0 h5h47m
vandal-heart67 0 h0 h0 h0 h1h2m
wilki 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h44m
Williams 298212 2h44m1h32m4h2m3h42m0 h
wispy_island5 1h9m0 h3h34m0 h0 h
WoolNewt69362 0h36m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Wrestlingmom873 0 h0h36m0h27m0h33m0 h
Wrght13 0 h1h32m0 h0 h0 h
wxckstarrt 0 h0 h0 h0 h0h46m
x 0 h0 h0 h1h0m0 h
XAndyX24 0h32m0 h0h9m0 h0 h
XArtichokeX 0 h0 h4h37m0 h1h17m
XD-MRJACKIECHAN 0 h5h54m2h17m4h50m0 h
xDPSxDRIV3R 24x 1h17m0 h0h19m0h54m0 h
Xiantha 0 h0h31m0 h0 h0 h
XxDarkJayxX8848 0 h2h4m4h28m1h0m0 h
YKMakez 0h22m0 h0 h0 h0 h
Zullewan 0 h6h43m6h28m0 h0 h

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- 25 days ago
The best server I’ve been in the admin are helpful, fun and make sure everyone is treated with respect! Highly recommended!!
- 1 month ago
Amazing server where anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to come and play 24/7!
- 1 month ago
really good server i like it
- 1 month ago
Fun server really amazing and nice people well organized and knows what they are doing
- 1 month ago
My favourite silage server. Could spend hours in here. It’s never a dull moment while playing on CFI Silage! Great crew, opened to meeting and helping new people! Definitely worth checking out for an hour or 6!
- 1 month ago
I love this server it’s fun
Sir Edward Grey
- 1 month ago
A top server with active staff to help keep thing running smoothly.
- 2 months ago
love cfi
- 2 months ago
This map was completely custom made and the admins do a great job of making sure all ages feel welcome!
- 2 months ago
I love this server!! Everyone does there part and helps out a little bit, they all made me feel right at home

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