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Server Name! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CFI GRAIN
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server LocationLondonUk
TagsFarming, Roleplay, Grain, Easy Mode, Community Farm, Crossplay, PC, Console
Map Size2x

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- 25 days ago
The best server I’ve been in the admin are helpful, fun and make sure everyone is treated with respect! Highly recommended!!
- 1 month ago
Amazing server where anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to come and play 24/7!
- 1 month ago
Amazing server ran by amazing owners and staff the are family friendly and except anyone who joins
- 1 month ago
I love the grain server as well
- 1 month ago
Amazing server. Ran by a pretty awesome crew as well. Glad to be able to pop on the game and just have some fun without feeling as if I’m in a bootcamp. Blessed to be apart of this community!
- 1 month ago
best server i’ve ever been in it’s very organized and very fun to play 10/10 and will recommend to a friend
- 1 month ago
Been playing on this server for a while and lovr how organized everything is and how much fun I have with the people who join
kameron sisco
- 2 months ago
Grain is a chill server fun to hang out and Harvest. Lot of great people to assist when needed.
- 2 months ago
love this base game map
∂αɳi dedhedhippy
- 2 months ago
Grain is the place to be!

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