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Server NameNLF Forestry & Mining
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server PasswordAsk Staff
Server LocationNY, United States
TagsLogging, Mining, Roleplay, Realistic, Seasons, PC, Mods
MapElk Mountain Wyoming
Map Size4x
Mods LinkAsk!
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Next Level Forestry (NLF) specializes in logging, mulching, land clearing, mining and development. We are hiring for equipment operators and haul truck drivers.
==Server Info==
- Server Name: NLF Forestry & Mining
- Mods: Over 100 Mods (Platinum Expansion Required)
- Mod updates will be done once a  week less there's a emergency fix that needs to happen.
- Dedicated 24/7 16 slot server
- Map rotation is every 6 month. On every sixth month the community will vote on if we are ready to switch maps or not.
- Realistic Game Play
- Mods suggestions are always welcome
- No Experience Required (We will train you)
- Friendly Community

- MUST BE 18+
- Must speak and understand English
- Must have a working Mic (Communication is the key)
- Discord
NLF has perks for all active members that put in there time on our servers.

20hrs: You get your own personnel vehicle of your choice (normal car/truck)

40hrs: You get your own personnel recreational vehicle (Dirk Bike, ATV, UTV, Buggy)

100hrs: Your own personnel house in the housing project.

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- 17 days ago
If your looking for a new fun server to join then go no further this group have been a great experience for me to where everyone is kind and friendly and the admin are super professional and friendly. I couldn’t recommend this group any higher
- 17 days ago
I have had a great experience with this group very organized helpful with questions and I see constant communication and movement there always people on to play with there is always a update posted for the map and whats happening in game i like the atmosphere here great group everybody
- 17 days ago
So far from what i have seen everything is very organized, very well handled treat everyone with respect and just a down to earth chill community. I'm glad i found this server and was invited to be apart of it, also if your not sure what to fully do they will take time and help you out, also if you are having issue's with c****ction, or mods period they take the time to help you out and figure out whats going on so you can get on and play and enjoy your time on server.
- 17 days ago
good and patience community that loves to chill and make friends. it's a fun place to hang after a long day and get some laughs and maybe learn a new thing or 2 at the same time. staying updated, customizing after needs and doing their best to suit everyone. highly recommended
- 17 days ago
Very nfun server and nice admins
- 17 days ago
Good server. Active and attentive owner who is pretty chill. Decent structure, nice map, good equipment and mods. Simple onboarding. Good structure, incentives are a nice touch. Noob friendly.

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