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Server Name! FSG.gg ! Vintage
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server LocationUSA
TagsFarming, Realistic, PC, Vintage
MapTaheton County
Map Size4x
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/joinFSG
Website Linkhttps://www.farmsimgame.com

Server Description

Farm Sim Game's Vintage Server.  

Just some gold ole' farming and equipment.

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Active Mods

DDC 1971 International TraveletteDiesel Division Customs1.0.0.0
US Farm Fence PackDR MODDING / LEGACY AG / CAYMAN1.0.0.0
1967 Peterbilt 359Crownzilla, AT Farms1.0.0.0
1981-87 CK GM PickupMrboomnastic, 82Studio1.0.0.3
Wardrobe PlusBraeven1.0.0.0
24x36 American GarageOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
1968 Chevrolet C50 grain truckoriginal SebCroteau, sounds the rental man buch sounds,mod edited and published by dilullo811.0.0.0
Placeable Shop Pack 81x120TPF,Nxtgen Mapping1.1.0.0
Allis Chalmers 1300Oldiron12141.0.0.0
Allis Chalmers 11 Shank 1500 MinTilGiants/Torquewrench1/AB Modding for AO Textures1.0.0.0
Allis Chalmers 2500 Discdph/westmorgan/Torquewrench1 Edits1.0.0.0
Additional Field Infoyumi1.0.2.1
Additional Game SettingsRockstar1.2.0.0
Advanced Farm ManagerFSG Modding1.0.1.0
AGI/MFS Triple Silo Corn DryerRiver Bottom Custom Farming1.0.0.0
American PackLancyboi1.1.0.0
American Barn With StorageOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
American FarmhouseOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
American Garage With ApartmentOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
American Garden ShedOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
American Pole BarnOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
North American Shed PackBcbuhler, Seriousmods1.0.0.0
More Animal Husbandries Possible (64)modelleicher (Farming Agency)
Corn Dryer LargePiotr75, Dilullo Farms Modding1.0
Case 5100ARM-Team1.0.0.0
Case IH 14Ex0Blode Modding1.0.0.0
Case IH 490 32ftEx0Blode Modding1.0.0.0
Case IH-720 SeriesMr.Dinamit88, TherĂ–csy, FS22 convert ALeX_M831.0.0.1
Case IH 14 9 BladeEx0Blode Modding1.0.0.0
Case IH 1830Gery Modding1.0.0.0
Case IH 1000 Series Corn HeadersJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
Case IH 1020 Flex HeadersJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
CaseIH 1030Leon.kpunkt1.0.0.0
Case IH Steiger Series (Large Frame)Casearias Modding2.0.0.0
Case IH 7200 SeriesMatt261.1.0.0
Chevy C70 GrainFarmSimSteve, Caminokid, westmorgan, small American farming, Googleplex20101.0.0.0
Medium Sized WarehousePascal Kautz1.0.0.0
Disable Turn Off MotorCuratoFarms1.0.0.0
Dry Corn AddonFusion Simulations1.0.0.0
Easy Development ControlsGtX1.3.0.2
Farm HouseElk Mountain Modding1.0.0.0
Ranch SetElk Mtn. Modding1.3
Ranch WorkshopChristopher_Elk_Mountain_Modding1.0.0.1
Enhanced Loan SystemChissel1.1.1.0
Extended Game InfodisplayPeppie841.2.0.0
EZ Trail 680 Header CartCASEARIAS MODDING / JCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
International 06 SeriesJcL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
Farmall 460 - 560Adams Kong, JCL farm equipment, PattonM471.1.0.0
International Farmall MEY Modding1.1.1.1
Crop Inputs Co-operativeBcbuhler1.0.0.0
Farm King RB8Wyatts Mods1.0.0.0
Flare Side Barge BoxJohn MacFarlane, Schaben Modding1.0.0.0
Ford FW Series/Steiger PT350IJ Creative Design1.0.0.0
Gehl 1310 Round BalerPeppe978 ThatMNguy318 converted and retextured-Hawkeye1.0.0.0
Gooseneck Bale TrailerCody Owens, 4MR modding, SquatchMonky1.0.0.0
Gravity Diesel TankFSG Modding - FSG TAZ_MAN1.0.0.0
Guidance SteeringWopster2.1.6.0
Hog ConfinementWestern Iowa1.0.0.0
Hoop Barn Packsmeby1.0.0.0
Sicklebar MowerScooters Workbench1.0.0.1
International Havester 14 Series Axial FlowJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
International Harvester 355 Pressure WasherJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
International 45 Vibra Shank CultivatorJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
Case IH 490 20ft/24ftGery Modding, Western Iowa; FS22: Diniz Farms1.0.0.0
International Cyclo 800totha / AnomalyCustoms / JcL1.0.0.0
International Harvester 5000 SeriesJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.1
International Cyclo 950Rooster Mods/Oldiron1214/Steenkamp Modding/adub modding1.0.0.0
Grinder Mixer PackJMF, Diniz Farms, Rooster Mods, JCL's Farm Equipment, Tired Iron Modding1.0
International 86 SeriesJcL's Farm Equipment1.2.0.0
IH 1066Giants Software, Schaben Modding1.0.0.0
International 1190 Mower-ConditionerJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
International 1490 - 1590 Mower-ConditionerJCL's Farm Equipment1.0.0.0
International 241Zer0,Perkins1.0.0.0
International 2+2 SeriesEY Modding1.1.1.0
International 37Adams Kong1.0.0.0
International 55 Chisel PlowRooster Mods1.0.0.0
Case 970, 1070 Agri KingEY Modding1.0.0.0
John Deere 1075 Hay WagonRooster Mods, 46 Mods1.0.0.0
John Deere 250SleutjesModding1.1.0.0
Killbros 1600Bcbuhler, Benny1.0.0.0
Killbros 872 PackTired Iron Moddin1.0.0.0
LAC 42x24 GarargeLegacyAg1.0.0.0
LAC 48x26 BarnLegacyAg1.0.0.0
LAC 55x115 Cold StorageLegacyAg (LAC)
LAC 58x50 Shop with attached 70x38 Cold StorageLegacyAg1.0.0.0
LAC 90x38 Dairy BarnLegacyAg, Louisiana Mapping, ThundR1.0.0.0
Little GeniusKaosKnite PattonM471.0.0.0
WarehousePascal Kautz1.0.0.0
CaseIH Magnum 8900 SeriesCasearias Modding2.0.0.0
Manual AttachWopster2.3.0.0
Manual RefuelingVertexFloat1.0.0.2
McCormick Deering W4EY Modding1.0.0.0
Meridian Grain Bin PackBcbuhler1.0.0.0
Meridian Grain Bin PackBcbuhler1.0.0.0
Massey Ferguson 4000 SeriesEY Modding1.0.0.0
Mobile WorkshopRockstar1.1.0.0
New Holland Small Square Balers46 Mods, Copyright (C) GIANTS Software GmbH, All Rights Reserved.
Parker 6500 Grain CartRooster Mods, Benny1.0.0.1
Parker Gravity Wagon PackRooster Mods1.0.0.2
Pioneer SeedsZed841.2.0.0
Pioneer Pallet Pack XLTina_Inc1.0
Place Fences Anywhereluca11971.0.0.0
Ranch GarageElk Mountain Modding1.0.0.0
Ranch HouseElk Mountain Modding1.0.0.0
Red Barn PackFSG Modding - FSG TAZ_MAN1.1.0.0
Placeable ScaleTPF1.0.0.0
SimpleIC - Easy Interactive Controlmodelleicher (Farming Agency) FS22
Simple InspectorJTSage1.0.2.3
Small Flatbed Autoload Trailermacktrucker9212.0.0.1
Steiger Tiger IV KP-525/ CaseIH 9190balogh20031.0.0.0
Steiger Panther ST320Ex0Blode Modding1.0.0.0
Taheton CountyTaheton County Iowa1.0.0.0
USA White Farm BuildingpackBERNIESCS1.0.0.0
Through The YearsThalley1.0.0.2
Vehicle YearsThalley1.0.1.0
Vermeer VR1224xyzspain, Glen006 Modding, AgroTron, SeriousMods1.0.0.0
Vintage Auger PackBcbuhler1.0.0.1
IH Funny WardrobeScooter's Workbench1.0.0.0
Small WarehousePascal Kautz1.0.0.0
Welker Farms Shed PackTheSuBBie/Mappers Paradise1.0.0.0
ShopWestern Iowa Modding1.0.0.0
US FarmbuildingsBERNIE MW1.0.0.0
White FieldBoss Series 3Julian F. Modding1.0.0.1
S600/S800AAModding, Retro, Steven1.0.0.0

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- 2 months ago
We like em old and weathered. mmmhm

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