Rose Farm Chipping Norton

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Server NameRose Farm ballysprings
GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server LocationEssex, England, United Kingdom
TagsFarming, Roleplay, Realistic, Grain, Seasons, Community Farm, Crossplay, PC, Console, Mods
MapBallySpring with Multifruit & Relight
Map Size2x
Mods Linkhttp://
Discord Link

Server Description

New Farm on chipping Norton 16+ years only

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Active Mods

Additional Game SettingsRockstar1.1.0.0
Adjustable MirrorsStjerneIdioten3.0.0.0
Advanced Farm ManagerFSG Modding1.0.1.0
More Animal Husbandries Possible (64)modelleicher (Farming Agency)
BallySpringIrish_Conor, GlengarBoy - Eire Agri Modding2.0.0.1
Dashboard LiveGlowins Modschmiede1.3.0.0
Easy Development ControlsGtX1.3.0.2
Half-Timbered Farm BuildingsVertexDezign1.0.0.1
Crawler Loader LIEBHERR 622 PackBlacksheep Modding1.0.0.0
Lime StationMichu771.0.0.0
Lizard Rumbler VanDD ModPassion2.3.0.0
Lizard Santana 88AFModding1.0.0.0
Lizard Santana88 PickupAFModding1.0.0.0
Meadow Fence PackCayman1.0.0.0
Multiplayer Vehicle KeysGtX1.1.0.0
Old Wooden ShedRazor Modding Team1.0.0.0
Pig Tail Polytape Electric FencesGlengarBoy, 4D Modding - Eire Agri Modding1.0.0.0
Precision Farming DLCGIANTS Software1.0.2.1
Real Dirt ColorViperGTS961.2.7.0
Recovery RopeViperGTS961.0.0.0
Sawmills PackKamilos03971.0.0.0
Selfmade CowShedDidek961.0.0.0
Selfmade PigstyDidek961.0.0.0
Slatted Cow ShedSully1.3.0.0
Slip Destroys Fieldsfrvetz1.0.0.4
Slurry Buying StationAustria Modding1.0.0.0
Traffic Safety TrailernrxEcki1.1.0.0
Variable Opening TimeAkita83 / HappyLooser1.0.0.0

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Rose Farm BallySprings
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