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GameFS22 Server Farming Simulator 22
Server LocationEurope, Frankfurt
TagsFarming, Roleplay, Realistic, Silage, Grain, Seasons, PC, Mods
MapMidwest Horizon
Map Size4x
Mods Linkhttp://
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/tA53sDHB

Server Description

Info about us:
We are a friendly group that love to farm
What we offer:
4 24/7 servers
Active and reliable staff members,
Nice and active people,
Safe online place to be,
Nice points system, with reward roles,
Nice claimable roles,
General chat channels,
A nice and helpful help center
Farming Simulator chat channels,
Good help center,

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Active Mods

AGI PackGIANTS Software1.1.0.0
Platinum ExpansionGIANTS Software1.3.0.0
1967 Peterbilt 359Crownzilla, AT Farms1.0.0.0
Demco 22 Series Grain CartsCustom Modding1.0.0.0
Case 475 SpeedTillerSon Of Ragnar Bcbuhler1.0.0.0
John Deere 4940 Self-Propelled SprayerCustom Modding1.0.0.0
53 Ft Dry VanPerma's Modding1.0.0.0
Placeable Shop Pack 81x120TPF,Nxtgen Mapping1.1.0.0
Production RevampBraeven1.4.3.0
American Shed PackLancyboi1.1.0.0
American FarmhouseOKUSEDMODS1.0.0.0
American Fermenting SilosVertexDezign1.0.0.0
American Shed With LoungeSand Hill Modding1.0.0.0
Anhydrous Ammonia AddonFusion Simulations,Loki_791.0.0.0
More Animal Husbandries Possible (64)modelleicher (Farming Agency)
Animal TrailerGLmods1.0.0.0
Pallet Autoload SpecializationAchimobil1.12.0.0
Augerwagon With LimeTF 2020 MODS1.0.0.0
Pallet Autoload TrailerAdams Kong1.0.0.0
Autoload Stock Trailer Packjohnwayne19301.1.2.0
Automatic Water For Animals And GreenhousesJogaDim1.0.0.0
Mower And Wrapper With HitchDogface1.0.1.0
Bale StorageTethysSaturn1.0.2.6
Bale StoragesAchimobil / San1.4.0.0
BigBud 747 16VHispano1.0.0.0
Digital DisplayAchimobil1.1.0.0
BM Volvo Snow GearNorth Modding Company1.0.0.0
Bobcat 863 Turbo With Bobcat ShovelARM-Team1.0.0.0
Bonsilage Bulk TankMacktrucker9211.0.0.0
Brand Yard SignsAdub Modding Stoneway Design ABP Team1.0.0.0
Brush CutterAdub Modding Mantrid ABP Team1.2.0.0
Buyable Large Stack Of BalesMechMods1.0.0.0
Buyable ProductsJelonek1.1.0.0
John Deere C850 Air Cart And P576 Air Hoe DrillCustom Modding1.1.0.0
Calf BarnBrudiTV1.0.0.0
Case 821GFredzaza / BTF TP1.0.0.0
Case IH Steiger 715 QuadtracCustom Modding, KarlFarms1.0.0.0
Chicken Barn XLFSG Modding - FSG TAZ_MAN1.0.0.0
Pack Of Balers With WindrowerHispano4.0.0.0
Collect Straw At MissionsderSchreiner1.0.0.0
Lizard Colossus Harvesters PackChrisS and RileyS5.0.0.0
Cow Barn Big With LIZARD MixfeederKastor [D-S-Agrarservice]
Cow Barn XLFSG Modding - FSG TAZ_MAN1.0.0.0
Cowshed With Manure System And PastureAgrartechnik Nordeifel // Ackerdesigner3.0.0.0
Grain ContainersHispano2.0.0.0
Titan Grain ContainersHispano1.0.0.0
Titan Tank ContainersHispano1.0.0.0
Standard ContainersHispano / 82Studio1.0.0.0
CrittersSteve Mills (Armpit Studios)
CSZ PackDD ModPassion2.0.0.0
John Deere DB120JHHG Modding1.0.0.0
Def Packsperrgebiet1.0.0.0
Demco Special TransportsHispano1.0.0.0
Dodge BigHorn Tandem4J Farms Modding/Hawkeye-Converted to FS22 and Retextured1.0.0.0
Dry Corn AddonFusion Simulations1.0.0.0
Easy Development ControlsGtX1.3.0.2
Easy Weigh Station And Fruit ShopMantrid1.0.0.0
Emergency PackCreative Mesh1.0.1.0
EMR XL ShopElk Mountain Modding__Rebellion Modding1.0.0.0
Enhanced Animal SystemChissel2.2.1.2
Jungheinrich ERE 120Pascal Kautz1.0.0.0
Jungheinrich ETV 216iHR Forst und Fahrzeugbau1.0.0.0
Expandable PasturesChissel1.0.0.0
Farm Supplies ProductionOmaTana1.0.0.0
Feed Mixing Plants XXLDS-Power1.0.0.0
Komatsu FH50Pascal Kautz1.0.0.1
Field LeaseKR-Softwares1.1.0.0
Flexicoil ST820 MultifunctionHispano1.0.0.0
Ford F450 CrewCab Platinum DRW 2020MyGameSteam1.0.0.0
Fuel RefineryZoddelZockt1.0.0.1
Garden Decoration PackageFudzo1.0.0.0
Grainquid StorageMISSYB1.4.0.0
Guidance SteeringWopster2.1.6.0
Hay Storage With Bale AcceptanceFiB71.1.0.0
Lizard Roadrunner HaysqueezerPascal Kautz1.0.0.1
Sheep Barn Set With Goatmilk[Weekend Farmers] T4xs1.1.0.0
Increase Light RangeRival1.0.0.1
Interactive ControlVertex Dezign1.1.1.0
Kahlbacher Winter EquipmentITS1.3.0.1
Jacto Uniport Planter 500Jacto e Connect Modding1.0.0.1
John Deere 616C/716CJHHG Modding1.0.0.0
John Deere S600 SeriesJHHG Modding1.0.0.2
John Deere S700 SeriesJHHG Modding1.0.0.2
John Deere X9 2020 US And EU VersionSiiD Modding1.0.0.1
John Deere 4755Ridiculous Dominick1.0.3.0
John Deere 2410J.AModding1.2.2.0
John Deere 8000 SeriesJ.AModding1.0.0.0
John Deere 9020 And 9030 SeriesSiiD Modding1.0.0.1
John Deere S790GIANTS Software1.0.0.1
LIZARD MKV Universal Tanktrailer PackageD-S-Agrarservice/Kastor, Floowy, Steven alias W7K1.0.0.0
LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MTNightshade-Modding1.0.0.0
LIZARD NEXTAxary1.1.0.0
Lizard T34/T44Hispano1.0.0.0
Lizard Tank 40SleutjesModding1.0.0.0
Lizard Underbelly TrailerMantrid1.0.2.3
Lizard LZ-25Pascal Kautz1.0.0.1
Lizard U-PlowNorth Modding Company1.0.0.0
Lizard Wheel LoaderNorth Modding Company1.0.0.0
Loading Ramp With Dock LevelerPascal Kautz1.0.0.0
Large Logistic WarehousePascal Kautz1.0.0.0
WarehousePascal Kautz1.0.0.0
MACK Superliner X82Studio1.2.0.0
Magic Bean Production (Coffee)Newell_Gaming1.0.0.0
Manual AttachWopster2.3.0.0
Manure SystemWopster1.2.0.0
Matiba RMTB Packcaleruega modding design1.1.0.0
Valmetal Maxx-Trac Dura-TechCustom Modding1.0.0.0
Midwest Durus 60ftHispano1.0.0.0
Midwest HorizonTxzar Mapping; FS22: Diniz Farms, OS Farms, SquatchMonky, LargeH Mapping, Legacy Ag, AW Modding, SeriousMods, KR-Softwares(More Trees)
Midwest Production And Feed PackSchultz Modding1.0.0.2
Milk Tank ExtensionMISSYB1.1.0.0
More Honey Pallet Place OptionsMrHector1.1.0.0
Lizard Cow BarnsMrHector1.2.0.0
Lizard Liquid Manure TankMrHector1.1.0.0
Mud SystemViperGTS961.0.0.0
Multi-Purchase Palletjohnwayne19301.1.1.0
New Zealand Fertilizer PackArgsy Gaming1.0.0.0
Bale StorageKastor [D-S-Agrarservice]
Autoload Packraulycristi1 [VSR Modding Sur]
Pallet Trucks PackJMZ1.2.0.0
Kubota Pack Passenger ExtensionGtX1.1.0.0
Pioneer SeedsZed841.2.0.0
Placeable Decoratives PackFarm Mods TV1.0.5.0
Platform Trailer With CranePascal Kautz1.0.0.2
Precision Sprayer PackNico Du 551.0.0.0
Precision Farming DLCGIANTS Software1.0.2.1
Kärcher HDC 27/34 TrailerGtX1.0.0.0
More Productions Possible (120)modelleicher (Farming Agency)
Fertilizers From PulawyTyson1.1.0.0
Old School FreestallPleasant View Farms1.0.0.0
Quadro Pro Baler PackBlacksheep Modding1.0.0.0
Harvest ProfitRaster R3 Modding1.0.0.0
Ranch Gates And Fences PacksHispano1.0.0.0
Ranch GarageElk Mountain Modding1.0.0.0
Ranch GateElk Mountain Modding1.0.0.0
Ranch HouseElk Mountain Modding1.0.0.0
Randon Bulk Carrier R LineErik Isac, Agro Mods1.1.0.0
Randon Canavieiro JulietaErik isac, Agro Mods1.0.0.0
Randon CanavieiroGIANTS Software1.0.0.0
Randon LSErik Isac, Agro Mods1.0.0.0
Randon Rodotrem Bulk CarrierErik Isac, Agro Mods1.0.0.0
Real Dirt ColorViperGTS961.2.7.0
Real Dirt Color TracksViperGTS961.0.0.0
Real Dirt FixViperGTS961.0.0.0
Real Dirt ParticlesViperGTS961.0.4.0
Realistic Animal LossesFetty421.0.0.0
Rinoagro PACKcaleruega modding design2.0.0.0
Rudolph Trailer Pack[CBM] Cassy Blair Modding1.0.0.1
Rustic CabinElk Mtn. Modding1.0.0.0
Rustic Cabin By DonPaulElk Mtn. Modding, Don Paul1.0.1.0
Schaumann Animal FoodZed841.1.0.0
See BalesMmtrx3.0.0.1
Seed And Fertilizer ProductionHappy_M0le1.0.0.0
Seed Runner 3755 XL82Studio1.1.0.0
ProBox Bulk Seed ContainerLegacyAg-LAC1.0.0.0
Selectable Bale Capacity PackGH66Mods1.3.0.0
Shipping WarehouseBERNIESCS1.0.0.0
Silo FacilityMISSYB1.4.0.0
Grain Silo Systemcelobuki1.0.0.0
SimpleIC - Easy Interactive Controlmodelleicher (Farming Agency) FS22
Stone Crushing Lime ProductionFLusty941.1.0.0
Straw Harvest PackCreative Mesh1.0.0.0
Supply & Transport ContractsGtX1.0.0.0
Tanker Trailer IMT 525IBM Modding Team1.0.0.0
Temporary Grazing PasturesMrFarquar1.0.0.1
Tensionbelt SupportDor_Schmied1.0.0.1
Case IH Tiger-Mate 255 Field CultivatorCustom Modding1.0.0.0
TLX 9000 Series82Studio1.0.0.0
50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer82Studio1.0.1.0
TLX X52 Enclosed Trailer82Studio1.0.2.0
Transfer OwnershipGtX1.0.0.1
WardRopePlus - camoBraeven2.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - BasicBraeven1.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - DeereBraeven2.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - BasicBraeven1.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - BasicBraeven1.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - truckbrandsBraeven1.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - BasicBraeven1.0.0.0
WardRopePlus - BasicBraeven1.0.0.0
Warehouse PackKastor [D-S-Agrarservice]
Wilson Pacesetter Spread AxleWhiskey Sierra Modding1.0.0.1
Wood Pellet FactoryGWENDAL1.0.0.0
John Deere X9 Full AnimatedJust Farming1.0.0.0
LIZARD YT193 YARDTRUCKPascal Kautz1.0.0.1
BigBud 747 16VHispano, FSN Assets1.0.0.0
FSN Customs BuildingsFSN Assets Team2.0.0.1
FSN Customs EquipmentFSN Assets Team2.0.0.0
FSN Customs SignFSN Assets1.0.0.0
FSN Training EquipmentFSN Assets Team2.0.0.0
GWM22 - 2013 Ford Super DutyGearWrench Modding - MT_Militia Mods1.0.0.0
GWM22 - 2022 GMC Denali 3500 DuallyGearWrench Modding - MT_Militia1.0.0.0
M_M Wall ArtM_M1.0.0.0
Peterbilt 389 Daycab by Expendables ModdingExpendables Modding, arlan6, Ponderosa Logging1.1.0.0

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