Server Rankings

We have put in place a server ranking system that takes multiple user and server related activities into consideration. This ranking system is designed to be as fair as possible. We have outlined in detail how our ranking scores are calculated below. Once the scores for servers are set, the system then sorts them by score from highest to lowest and gives them their number in order until all servers have been assigned a number.

Game Server Rankings

The following are calculated then summed to generate a game server's ranking score.
Category Score Calculation
Uptime past 24hr% * 10
Rating Scorerating * 10
Reviews Totaltotal * 5
Views Totaltotal
Premium Enabled100
Active Unique Players This Weektotal * 10
Active Unique Players Todaytotal * 25
The system will calculate this data once per hour and update the system for display in the server list and profile.

Discord Server Rankings

Coming soon.